Community Benefit's Agreement

The school to prison pipeline is alive and well. Our kids and students can look forward to a life with few opportunities for education,employment and the pursuit of happiness. We as parents,citizens and members of the human race can no longer afford to employ a cognitive dissidence towards our children's future. Morning Side and Inglewood High school students have never had the investment of tax dollars similar to richer school districts. As a result, we the students, who can’t vote and have no money nor protections from violence, targeted, demonized,chastised and are often criminalized are asking Inglewood residence to help us. Please sign our community benefits agreement. Gentrification  is very real to us. It is a life or death reality. The homeless population is getting younger and younger. Foster care student are really suffering. These Students have no parents nor love but have a whole lot of fear and despair. The billionaire class can afford to support our kids and still extract wealth and profit from our community, The Los Angeles sports teams that are occupying community real estate can easily afford 250 million dollars distributed to 100,000 Inglewood residence. Corporations and businesses no longer have to reinvest their profits to satisfy tax codes. They can extract and hide their wealth without reinvestment. Many of you are currently collecting social security checks for your years of employment, What security do we have? We recognize that our agenda as young people is different from older people. Climate dangers, a green new deal and an ethnocentric culture are issues that are important to us. But we cannot vote and we have no money. But we do have Jesus. Please read Hebrew's chapter 11 verse one. Jesus is real.

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